Answer calls on your motorcycle without dying (maybe)

While Cardo Systems isn't marketing its new Bluetooth Motorcycle kit directly to motorcycle gangs, I can read between the lines.

I don't ride a motorcycle, but if I did, I'd probably be in a motorcycle gang, and if so, I'd definitely want to be able to communicate with my fellow gang members quickly. If a guy's coming from behind me with a chain, ready to take my head off, I need to know this.

Cardo Systems, a developer of Bluetooth helmet headsets for motorcycles, apparently agrees with me. While the company isn't marketing its new Bluetooth Motorcycle kit directly to motorcycle gangs, I can read between the lines.

Cardo Systems

The Scala Rider Q2 Multiset purportedly gives bike-to-bike communication of up to 1,640 feet/500 meters, as well as hands-free communication when paired with a cell phone.

The two headsets included in the in Multiset come prepaired with each other and each includes a MP3 jack that lets you connect and listen to your MP3 player. Incoming calls or Bluetooth messages automatically override the music, so you don't have to risk your life to answer a call.

The set includes an extra large, wind-resistant 195 mm microphone that according to the company greatly enhances sound quality, but mostly just makes you a lot less cool-looking than you probably planned to be.

Additional features allow bikers to connect wirelessly to multiple audio sources, including in-helmet voice instructions from a GPS unit and mobile phone conversations with third parties. The headsets also feature FM radio transmissions from the embedded FM radio.

You also get wind impact reduction; voice-controlled receipt and rejection of incoming calls; automatic volume adjustment according to driving speed and ambient noise; and full rain and snow protection, although I'm not exactly sure how those last two are implemented.

The set can be purchased directly from Cardo Systems at a suggested retail price of $395.95.

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