Another way to enjoy hot lunch on the go

Mo:Ben portable food container sports cutlery compartments and on-board heater.


As often as I brag about packing my lunch, I've lately experienced a noticeable dip in the number of days I'm bringing food in from home. Many days I get home too tired to cook lunch, but in a conversation today, I attributed my recent lunch-packing laziness to my desire for variety. As someone who gets so much enjoyment out of eating good food, a daily lunch that relies upon the standard sandwich and side theme gets old a bit too quickly.

Something that would spice up lunchtime is opening up the playing field to include hot foods. This portable food container provides an attractive package for your lunchtime nosh, and includes a hidden heating element to keep it hot.

Dubbed the Mo:Ben, the container began its life as an entry into an Australian Design Award competition. It's made of an external box complete with a silicone base and retractable handles, an embedded heating element that's powered by an external adapter plug and is thermostat-controlled, and an internal container that holds both your food and utensils. The box has separate compartments too, so your favorite foods won't end up tasting like each other.

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