Another way to bug your kids

"Giggle Bug" keeps track of toddlers.

Grand River Toy Company

It's depressing enough to think that parents need some sort of remote sensors to keep track of their kids--or are paranoid enough to think they need them, anyway. Making matters worse, most of the tracking devices we've seen have a clinical or Orwellian feel to them (often both).

So if we must resort to technology to raise our children, at least the "Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker" tries to make it a little less frightening for them by turning it into a toy of sorts. Rather than sound an alarm like an air raid horn, the bug blinks its eyes and emits a "child friendly" beep, according to Red Ferret. Once the kids are returned safely, you can then begin disciplinary procedures with the "Control-a-Kid" remote.

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