Another look at Toyota's Geneva-bound FT-Bh concept

Like a gloss-white, fuel-efficient Sasquatch, only glimpses of Toyota's upcoming hybrid concept can be seen in this Web video.

Toyota FT-Bh teaser photo

What we could only glimpse as an overexposed silhouette yesterday begins to take solid form today. Toyota has just released two new teaser photos and a video heralding the arrival of its latest hybrid concept, the FT-Bh.

Along with the media, we also got a smattering of details about this concept. For starters, the Future Toyota B-segment Hybrid (FT-Bh) is expected to weigh less than 800 kg (or about 1,764 pounds), making it lighter than Toyota's tiny Aygo--lighter even than the first-generation Mazda Miata by about 300-400 pounds! Toyota also claims that this B-segment five-door will be more spacious than its current B-segment Yaris five-door (and obviously more efficient), plus it will be more aerodynamically slippery than the upcoming GT 86 (the Scion FR-S in the U.S. market) sports coupe.

The FT-Bh styling will likely be fairly concept crazy, but don't expect it to get too wacky. Toyota states that the FT-Bh "would be made using commonplace, economically viable production methods and technologies, including a down-sized full hybrid powertrain." In English, that means that Toyota's working on new ways to add lightness without adding too much to the bottom line. I'm guessing that instead of exotic materials such as carbon fiber, we'll be seeing quite a bit of composite (read: plastic) construction to get the vehicle down to the estimated bantamweight. Depending on how Toyota executes, this could be a very good thing for those of us who think that lighter is better.

Check out the Toyota FT-Bh teaser video below and stay tuned to see it fully unveiled as the 2012 Geneva auto show approaches.

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