Another e-book reader hits the shelves

The "Bebook" is a me-too from the Netherlands.


Companies that make e-book readers must be gearing up for lazy summer novels. At the same time Irex is shipping its new "Book Edition," Netherlands-based Endless Ideas is releasing a version of its own.

The "Bebook" appears to have many of the features included in its competing models, including an MP3 player, USB port, battery life for an estimated 7,000 page turns, and 512MB of storage that can be expanded with an SD card, according to SlashGear, though it lacks a wireless receiver. Its 6-inch, 600 x 800 screen is smaller than Irex's, but so is the price: about $509 vs. $768.

That's still more than the $399 Amazon Kindle and $300 Sony Reader, both of which have displays about the same size. But the real question for beach reading, in addition to how legible these devices are in sunlight, is whether they can withstand fingerprints smudges from excessive suntan lotion.

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