Anorexic mouse needs to cut the cord

Another version fits in PC card slot but isn't wireless

If this keeps up, we might accidentally shuffle a mouse with the cards at the next poker game.

KJ Global

KJ Global is the latest company to manufacture the desktop staple in anorexic form, with a model that's only 5 millimeters thick to fit into a PC card slot. The "Slim G4" isn't the only mouse that can do that--another one even doubles as a remote and laser pointer--but it does have some other interesting characteristics, such as a flat "touch wheel" for scrolling.

The mouse also has an amazingly compact way to store the cable. That, however, is a good and a bad thing, as it's unfortunate that it has a cable at all; we prefer the wireless variety, regardless of girth. But there is another selling point: If you're afraid of losing it among your credit cards, PClaunches says you can always get one in pink.

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by Brian Tong