Anonymous in a tizzy over logo trademark

Anonymous vows to take down the Web sites of a French online fashion retailer that has trademarked the iconic Anonymous logo and slogan.

The Anonymous logo Anonymous

Anonymous' iconic logo was quietly trademarked in France in February, but now that Anonymous has found out, it's not going to take it lying down.

Twitter user Asher_Wolf picked up on the trademark application (PDF) yesterday, but the application was first filed with the Institut National De La Propriete Industrielle (INPI) in France on February 16 by Apollinaire Auffret from Early Flicker, encompassing both the Anonymous logo and slogan.

Early Flicker has an eBay store that appears to sell a variety of Anonymous-themed T-shirts. Following the revelation yesterday, Anonymous has responded via a YouTube video, and has promised distributed denial-of-service attacks on Early Flicker's sites. Below is the Anonymous response.

Read more of "Anonymous vows revenge over logo trademark" on ZDNet UK.

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