Animatronic T. rex costume looks like it could eat you

Recreate your favorite scenes from "Jurassic Park" on a slightly smaller scale with an awesome and realistic baby T. rex costume.

T. rex costume
Rooooowrrrrrrr! Fear my tiny arms! Wizart Studio

Halloween is coming up. If your Superman Underoos aren't going to cut it for the eighth year in a row, then consider an animatronic life-size baby Tyrannosaurus rex costume from Wizart Studio instead.

The company crafts creatures for museums, but the T. rex was born to roam. It can be worn and operated by one person. Cable mechanisms trigger the detailed movements.

The 16-foot-long costume weighs just over 50 pounds. It's made from rubber, high-density foam, aluminum, and fiberglass. The textured outside makes it look wonderfully realistic. Holes in the body let the wearer see what's going on around it, such as people screaming and running away.

The only illusion-breaking issue is that the wearer's legs stick out below. That's not bad if you're wearing black pants, but if you're wearing hot-pink zebra-striped tights, they might really stand out.

This is the first prototype costume, so there's no word on whether it will be available to buy anytime soon. Until then, enjoy the baby T. rex action in the movement test video.

(Via Obvious Winner)

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