Angry Birds to land on Samsung TVs

A new app will let Samsung Smart TV owners use hand gestures to slingshot those angry birds against their piggly nemeses.

Samsung Tomorrow (Flickr)

After soaring into the PC and mobile world, Angry Birds is flapping into its next arena -- smart TVs.

Samsung today announced the launch of a new Angry Birds app (English translation) designed for certain of its smart TVs.

Tapping into Samsung's Smart Interaction gesture recognition, game players will be able to use gestures and voice commands to target the angry birds in their battle against the pigs.

Due out sometime this month, the Angry Birds app will be compatible with Samsung's smart TVs ES7000, ES8000, and ES9000. Taking advantage of Samsung's newly-updated Smart TV SDK, the app can run on a TV without need for a set-top box, according to The Next Web.

Users will be able to download the app directly on their TVs through the Samsung TV app store.

Samsung has been working with Rovio to bring the game to smart TVs ever since it announced its Smart Interaction technology at CES in January. The two companies are also plotting to air a series of Angry Bird animated shorts through Samsung's video on demand (VOD) service.

Angry birds fans without a Samsung Smart TV may still be able to use their favorite hand gestures to fling the birds across the screen.

An Angry Birds trilogy is in the works later this year for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. To enable gesture and voice support, the game would tap into the Kinect for the Xbox and the PS Move for the PS3.

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