Angry Birds fly to your game console

Acer unveils a two-touchscreen laptop called the Iconia, Facebook is close to getting a trademark on the word "face," and Angry Birds will soon migrate to a game console near you.


Links from Friday's episode of Loaded:

  • Acer unveils a dual touchscreen laptop called the Iconia

  • Angry Birds, the popular mobile phone game, will come to a game console near you sometime next year

  • The U.S. military launches its own version of YouTube called MilTube

  • Microsoft revamps Bing Movies

  • Microsoft and Southwest Airlines are bringing Santa to an airport gate near you for picture time

  • A new social network for readers called Copia launched this week

  • Facebook is close to scoring a trademark for the word "face"

Programming note: There will be no episode of Loaded on Thursday, November 25 or Friday, November 26 due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for watching, as always, and have a very safe and happy holiday!

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