Android Market expanding around the world

Google's Android Market is now available in 18 more countries. And Android developers from 20 more countries can build apps for the store.


Google's answer to Apple's App Store, the Android Market, is about to open in many more countries around the world.

According to Google, the Android Market is on its way to 18 more countries--including Brazil, India, Mexico, Russia, and Sweden--bringing the total to 32 countries. Google said that developers who have already made their applications available to "All Locations" will not need to change that status for their programs to be available to the new customers.

Android Market users will likely also find more apps in the store, thanks to Google's decision to allow developers in 20 more countries to sell paid apps in the marketplace, raising the figure to 29 nations altogether. The company said developers in Canada, Switzerland, and Taiwan are among those who can now sell apps.

Developers can start selling apps on the Android Market immediately. Customers looking to buy apps in the new countries can start doing so "over the next two weeks," Google said.

Google said that it plans to bring the Android Market to additional countries in the coming months.

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