Android Atlas Weekly Ep. 90: Awkward segues (Podcast)

Jessica Dolcourt stops by to share the latest Samsung Galaxy rumors; Jaymar Cabebe muses on HTC becoming a music company; and Antuan Goodwin botches segue after segue on this episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

Samsung Galaxy S III? Reddit

Sprint and HTC are gearing up for a big announcement. Linux and Android's not-so-secret affair goes public, and the Galaxy S II plus one equals Galaxy S III. We will check out the latest rumors surrounding what could be the next big phone on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly.


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-Samsung Galaxy S III image could be the real thing


-Sprint and HTC hosting big event April 4

-Linux and Android together at last

-Free Android apps waste 75 percent of power on ads, study says

-HTC and Beats Audio set to acquire music subscription service Mog?

-Reddit app banned from Play Store for being NSFW

-Get the ICS launcher on your Gingerbread device

-Find tablet-optimized apps with Tablified


Caller would like some advice on how to switch from the iPhone to Android

-How to switch from iPhone to Android


If I get an android tablet, and I uninstall the apps from my DroidX, can I download the paid ones to my tablet for free? U guys do good work. ~Lee Dresser


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