Android Atlas Weekly 75: Spies, conspiracies and Android autopsies (Podcast)

A Siri alternative in the form of an app, the Galaxy Nexus gets dissected as the US launch approaches, and your Android phone may be ratting you out to Big Brother.

A Siri alternative in the form of an app, the Galaxy Nexus gets dissected as the US launch approaches, and your Android phone may be ratting you out to Big Brother.



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-Android handsets secretly logging keystrokes, SMS messages?

-Galaxy Nexus teardown reveals plenty of goodies

-Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus price: $199.99?

-Best Buy launches Nexus Prime product page with $299 price

-Motorola to launch Droid 4 in December?

-Google Maps 6.0 goes indoors

-First-generation phone runs fourth-generation Android

-Feeling bold? First Cyanogen builds of Android 4.0 arrive

-Microsoft is giving Android users a taste of WP7 right through their browser

-Samsung Unveils New Exynos 5250 Processors - Powering High-End Tablets Q2 2012

-Meet Cluzee, Android’s next Siri alternative


Jerry from Toronto calls in with a question about the Samsung Note



Any way to control Pandora on Android through Voice? Do you know if Vlingo works?


You stated in the last episode that a bluetooth receiver ran around $60 but i can get you one for about $10-$20.
you get a simple cheapy bluetooth STEREO speaker from any store even JCPenney’s has them sometimes. remove the speakers and attach either a 3.5mm adapter or 3.5mm cable to the wires that originally went to the speakers. i’ve done this many times and it almost always has just as good audio quality as a $60-$70 adapter.

Travis H.


Hey guys, love the show never miss a show.
I was wondering how you guys felt about the Galaxy Nexus getting branded by Verizon?



Hi Guys, Love the show.

I wanted to request an Amazon Atlas episode. I want to know your thoughts, predictions, gripes, and hopes for Amazon devices running Android, and using their own ecosystem. I wanted to point out that the Kindle Fire and its implementation of Android is very Mac, as OS X is based off of (in part) FreeBSD and then locked down and made their own. Do you think Amazon is doing the same thing to Android?

-Nathaniel from Maryland


Maddox is making the switch

Hey Justin and Antuan,
I’ve been using my iPhone 3GS for the past 2.5 years and I’m ready to upgrade and switch to Android, specifically the Galaxy Nexus. What are some quick tips to get me started, and is there any way to transfer my contacts? Thanks guys, love the show.

You can use iTunes to sync your contacts with your Gmail account or Google Apps account via Google Contacts. Then when you get your new Android phone, simply log into the same Google Account during the setup process (you can’t miss it) and your contacts will be synced automatically.



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