Android Atlas Weekly 72: The Power of Kal-El (Podcast)

The power of Kal-El, Kindle Fire gets wet, and Flash is dead!? We discuss the rise of Android Watches and Republic Wireless is releasing an Android phone with a $19 a month service plan. All of that and more on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

The power of Kal-El, Kindle Fire gets wet, and Flash is dead!? We discuss the rise of Android Watches and Republic Wireless is releasing an Android phone with a $19 a month service plan. All of that and more on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly.



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Nvidia’s Tegra 3 CPU increases performance while saving power

Asus Transformer Prime is dressed to impress

Leaked HTC Edge could be world’s first quad-core phone

Nook Tablet: Hands on with Barnes & Noble’s Fire-eater

Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet

Kindle Fire: Yep, it’ll have Netflix, Pandora, and more

Amazon prepping 8.9-inch Kindle Fire successor?

Motorola Droid 4 launch could be right around the corner

Adobe abandons Flash plug-in for mobile devices

Video: Panasonic Toughpad tablets are indestructible and go for $1299

Rise of the Android watches!


i’m watch


Sony Liveview

Republic Wireless: ‘Unlimited’ Android phone for $19 per month

Republic Wireless $19 plan


Android and Xbox 360: a match made in heaven?

Hey, Android Atlas
Running an ethernet cable between my Xbox 360 in the basement and the router in my parents’ bedroom has proved to be impractical. And as a poor high school student, I lack the funds to buy an Xbox wireless adaptor. Is there any way that an Android user could plug their phone into an Xbox 360 via USB and use it to connect the Xbox to a wifi network? If so, please let me know. A non-root option is preferred, but not necessary.
Love the show,
Adam from Utah

P.S. If it helps: my phone is an unrooted Motorolla Cliq 2 running Froyo.

Nope. The problem is that the XBox 360 cannot accept an internet connection over its USB port, heck it can barely accept USB drives over its USB port. You’re going to have to run the cable or save up for the Wi-Fi. As a poor high school student and (what I’m assuming to be) a pretty seriously geeky gamer, I suggest the cable.


Voicemail: Question about GPS reception on the LG G2X

If you’re using the stock&unrooted ROM, you’re pretty much stuck with the performance you’ve got. I’m not sure if the LG G2X will get ICS, but nothing in the current 4.0 changelogs that I’ve seen mention any specific GPS fixes. You could try clearing your A-GPS cache to see if that works (instructions here:

Chances are that you’ve already done this using the GPS Status app with the ‘Manage A-GPS state’ tool under the Tools menu. If not, go ahead and try that and then download new A-GPS XTRA Data in the same menu while you’re at it. Just make sure you’re outside w/ a clear view of the sky when you do it.

If your son’s phone is rooted, then you can try flashing a new GPS.conf file, but YMMV wildly here. Instructions, if you’re interested, are here:


Google TV Update

Thank You for the mention of Goggle TV and the generally positive comments about the honeycomb update.Myself, I’m loving it. It really is the UI it should of come with last year. I am a little disappointed with the app selection. I will say this… this is one platform I would be more than willing to pay for good widgets and apps. I want a weather, facebook and goggle calendar appointments widgets NOW, and I will pay money! LOL.

The initial ui did have a “”what’s On”" function but it was text based, nested menus and cumbersome. The new graphic version is sweet and I find myself using it more and more.

As for the controversy about the major networks not allowing GTV to connect to their content..I think they will slowly and quietly begin to allow access, but for now I’m happy that most network programs can be found using the GTV search and be had for pay-to-play through Amazon.
- Bob


Hello Android Atlas!

I’m an avid listener, and I have a question.

Can I trust The site seems too good to be true. It offers paid Android apps for free. I’ve always heard that you should only download Android apps from the official Market to avoid malware.

Are the apps from GetJar safe? Thanks!
As always, love the show!



Bad Advice for Amazon Appstore Backup

Someone wanted advice on backing up Amazon Appstore apps. To the point, you do not have to worry about backing up the apps you download from Amazon. If you switch devices or wipe your current device your Amazon Apps will be available anytime you reinstall the Amazon Appstore. Simply download the apps again from My Apps.

This is in reference to the VM from Eric on episode 70, I believe. If you’ll give it another listen, you’ll notice that I too stated that Amazon will let you re-download purchased apps.


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