And now Samsung skewers Apple's iPad Air pencil ad

Remember the iPad Air ad featuring the pencil? That's just the starting point for another new Samsung ad that laughs at Apple.

Screenshot by CNET

This isn't going to stop, is it?

Samsung is going to relentlessly tweak Apple's slightly tired-looking cheek until everyone in the playground is laughing.

In another new ad that chuckles at Apple's allegedly retrograde nature, Samsung -- or rather its California-based creative types -- decides to take the well-known iPad Air ad featuring a pencil and suck the air out of it.

Should you have somehow forgotten this Apple ad, it's the one in which an iPad Air is said -- by Walter White of "Breaking Bad" -- to be thinner than a pencil (video below).

So now Samsung wants to suggest this argument is thinner than the iPad Air.

The memorably named Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is, you might be stunned to hear (and see), even thinner than the iPad Air.

It's got HD, too. Oh, and let's not forget the multitasking. Yes, with this Samsung Galaxy Pro 10.1 you can do two things at once.

Because who ever wanted to do just one thing at once? That's just so pointless, like Apple's pencil.

So why would anyone even think of buying an iPad Air? Could it be something to do with design or ecosystem?

Or could it be that by the time you've left the house, you've forgotten the name of that Samsung tablet that's thinner than the iPad Air and you don't want to seem stupid when you get to Best Buy?

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