And now, more hard-to-read clocks from Japan

This one displays a number of LEDs that you have to read.

Remember the orrery clock that you "read" analog-style by looking at the "planets" from a certain angle and reading their positions? Well, here's another gadget that you can file under "clocks from Japan that are only really smart people can read." And by smart people, I mean "not me."

This Modern Metal Tix Clock looks like it came off the wall of the Batcave in the old 1960s Batman TV show with Adam West. (BANG! POW! ZAP!) But it's actually a brushed-metal clock that displays the time by illuminating a certain number of LEDs in each of four little grids. You read the clock by reading the number of lights that are on: this picture, for example, shows 12:38.

Yeah, I suppose I could learn how to read a new kind of clock. Kind of like learning a new language. And this one, which retails for $50, would look good on the wall of my dream office. But when it comes to telling time, I prefer the basics. Even Clocky wouldn't be too bad.

(Via ProductDose)

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