And in other news...

And in other news...

Newton upgrade If you already own a Newton MessagePad 2000, you can upgrade it to a unit comparable to the new 2100. The upgrade will cost $99 (plus tax and shipping) and can be ordered starting on November 7, 1997. Check the Newton web site for additional details.

OS of the Year Some good news. Mac OS 8 wins an OS of the Year award.

BMUG woes BMUG, one of the best and oldest Mac users groups (it's based in Berkeley, CA) is reportedly having a bit of financial trouble, as reported in MacWEEK. I hope they work things out. I have been a member of BMUG almost since its inception; it has made invaluable contributions to the Mac community over the years.

Microsoft anti-trust suit So it turns out (as reported in this SF Chronicle article and everywhere else in the universe) that Microsoft may have been applying some illegal pressure to get clone vendors to ship their units with Internet Explorer rather than with Netscape. I am shocked!! The government is fining Microsoft a million dollars a day until it repents. If Microsoft loses this case (which is far from certain), it looks like Bill may have to stop eating out for lunch.

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