And in other Apple news... (More on consumer portable; Jobs at REACH98)

And in other Apple news... (More on consumer portable; Jobs at REACH98)

Apple Preps Laptop Version of iMac The San Francisco Chronicle throws its hat in to the ring of speculators about Apple's future consumer portable(s). It offers description of possibly two such devices: WebMate (a full-featured descendent of eMate) and a separate palm-sized unit tentatively called MacMate Both would run some version of the Mac OS. What's especially fun is to read sentences such as this one: "The new consumer Macintosh models are expected to help stoke a remarkable comeback at Apple by further boosting its lot in the home market."

Jobs at CAUSE98: QuickTime 4 coming next month Steve Jobs, the world's most famous interim CEO, spoke the other day at CAUSE98, an educators' conference. As noted in several sources (including an article in MacWEEK), Steve announced that QuickTime 4.0 would be released at next month's Macworld Expo. He also promised continued support of AppleWorks and HyperCard. There was less certainty about Emailer. And he claimed that the promised Mac consumer portable would not be on view at Macworld Expo.


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