An iPhone without the phone?

A rumored Meizu MiniPlayer, called the M8, could look a lot like the iPhone. Probably not, but a girl can dream.

M8 Engadget

A girl can dream. And, actually, the M8 is the perfect dream for me, as it's not an iPod. Supposedly, Meizu is working on a new MiniPlayer, called the M8. Despite some quirky aspects to the company's M6, I was impressed with the player on the whole, so I'm excited to see the next offering from Meizu. The new player purportedly will offer a 2.6-inch screen and come loaded with the latest Windows CE OS, something we don't often see on MP3 players. Of course, this is all fantasy at this point, but Engadget has posted an interesting image "of the product" (see left). Look familiar? Maybe sort of like a little Apple product called the iPhone? The pic, which was posted in a Meizu discussion forum, was originally found by DAPreview, but has since been removed from their thread. This is probably a good indication of just how likely it is that this is a photo of the actual product. Personally, I'm not sure how I feel about touch-screen interfaces for MP3 players--touch screens are impossible to operate without focusing your full attention and it usually means there's more screen area to damage--but, man, it sure is purty.

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