An iPhone headset for ear exhibitionists

iLuv unveils their iEP515 and iEP315 headset with remote for the iPod and iPhone 3GS.

Photo of the iLuv iEP515.
The iLuv iEP515 are cased in clear plastic and offer a remote control and microphone compatible with the iPhone 3GS. iLuv

Two new iPhone 3GS-compatible headsets from iLuv are poised to go on sale in August. The iLuv iEP515 ($59, shown above) and iLuv iEP315 ($29) both include in-line microphones, a remote clicker, and volume controls that will work with the latest crop of iPods and the iPhone 3GS. There's still no volume remote compatibility on older iPhone and iPod models, but iLuv also sells a similar set of earphones without the remote.

Aside from cosmetic differences, it's unclear what specific technical advantages distinguish one pair from the other. We do know that both models are built around a single dynamic driver and come packaged with extra ear tips.

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