An 'iPad Christmas'? Maybe not if you want an iPad Mini with Retina Display

Apple CEO Tim Cook alludes to possible inventory issues with the newly announced iPad Mini with Retina Display during an earnings call.

iPad Mini Retina
Apple introduced the iPad Mini with Retina Display last week in San Francisco. James Martin/CNET

Apple's CEO feels confident the company will rake in tablet sales this holiday season.

"I think it will be an iPad Christmas," Tim Cook said.

But that may not be the case if you want an iPad Mini with Retina Display. During a conference call Monday to discuss Apple's fourth-quarter results, Cook alluded to possible shortages of the recently unveiled tablet.

"It's unclear whether we'll have enough for the quarter or not," said Cook. "You never really know the demand until after you start shipping."

Of course, being unable to meet demand would mean missing out on capitalizing on the shopping bonanza right before Christmas. One inventory expert said the supply may be "ridiculously tight."

CNET reported on the rumored shortages since before the iPad Mini with Retina Display was even announced. And earlier this month, Reuters said that one reason for potential problems could be because of a delay in certifying panel producers.

Apple said during its event that last week that the company had sold its 170 millionth iPad. In the fourth quarter, Apple sold 14.1 million iPads, short of Barclays Capital's expected 14.6 million.

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