An eye-opening can opener

This can opener promises to make a smooth cut that won't nick your fingers.

Viva la revolución. Amazon

My 10-year-old is spending more time in the kitchen as an actual helper these days. Last week, she made brownies from a mix all by herself. It was a proud moment.

This week, she wanted to make baked beans, which, of course, entails (1) opening the can, (2) dumping the contents into a bowl, and (3) heating the bowl in the microwave. But we got stuck on Step 1, because I wasn't thrilled with the idea of my daughter's fingers being snagged by a sharp can lid.

The Orbi Safe Cut can opener claims to "revolutionize" can opening, and some Amazon reviewers agree.

The cutting wheel cuts into the side of the can and leaves the can and the lid completely smooth. You can, in fact, use the lid as a cap on the opened can (although you should never store food in opened cans in your fridge).

Some reviewers noted that the opener only lasts a year or two before it becomes ineffective, but maybe Good Cook will address that in a newer model.

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