An expensive way to thwart spies

Anti-surveillance gadget uses sub-human ear frequencies


As we've seen with such diabolical (though tasteful) products as the "GSM Table Lamp," one can never be too careful these days when it comes to surveillance issues, even in the home. Or perhaps especially in the home.

That's why items such as the "Tape Recorder Blocker" exist. The newest counter-surveillance offering from U.K.-based Spycatcher blocks digital eavesdropping "by emitting a sub-audible tone which cannot be detected by the human ear but will drown out any recordings when played back." Kind of a canine-frequency anti-spying device, we suppose.

We were tempted to bite but choked on the price: 2,232.50 pounds, or more than $4,400. For that kind of money, we could just buy a crate of "All in One Professional Counter-Surveillance Devices" and jam everything in the neighborhood.

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