Amtrak putting free Wi-Fi on Northeast trains

If Amtrak seriously thinks that the inclusion of free Wi-Fi is enough to make people pay for an overpriced train ride that isn't really that much faster, then they're really in more trouble than we all know.


Amtrak is finally getting an upgrade, but it's not high-speed rail. (If you've been to Europe or Asia, you'll know that Acela is NOT high-speed).

But Amtrak will be getting slightly more technologically savvy (and bearable) with the addition of free Wi-Fi to those Acela trains. So far, that means only trains on the Northeast corridor (New York, Washington, and Boston, specifically). No word on when that will be available anywhere else, where Amtrak trains are old and slow as beasts.

Read more of "Amtrak putting free Wi-Fi on Northeast trains; others have to wait" at ZDNet's The ToyBox.

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