Amsterdam architects join race to build 3D-printed house

DUS Architects announces plans for a two-story canal house built by the firm's mobile printing facility that lives in a shipping container.

DUS Architects

With 3D printing growing ever more powerful, it's really only a matter of time before a 3D-printed house arrives. So far, we've seen Dutch firm Universe Architecture announce its 3D-printed Landscape House , modeled after a Mobius strip. London firm Softkill pooh-poohed Universe's design, since it will use poured concrete in 3D-printed molds, and presented its own spiderweb-Skeletor ProtoHouse.

Not to mention the European Space Agency's plans to 3D-print a moon base , a sort of extraterrestrial abode for astronauts.

Now another Dutch firm has stepped up to the plate. DUS Architects has announced that it will make the world's first 3D-printed canal house, with work to start in the next six months.

Read more of "Amsterdam architects join 3D-printed house race" at Crave Australia.



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