Amped Wireless R10000G router review: Range so amped!

The R10000G comes with two extra-large antennas and offers exceptional Wi-Fi range.

The R10000G comes with 2 extra-large antennas and offers exceptional Wi-Fi range.
The R10000G comes with 2 extra-large antennas and offers exceptional Wi-Fi range. Dong Ngo/CNET

You counted right, the Amped Wireless R10000G router has four zeros in its name.

Those digits are intended to indicate that the router is able to offer Wi-Fi coverage for an area of 10,000 square feet, about 10 times that of a good-size apartment.

In my testing, it indeed offered really long range.

In fact the range was so long that I couldn't figure out how long it actually was, because my office is on the sixth floor of a building and I could only get as far as about 350 feet from the router before having to step out of a window to increase the range (which I didn't do, by the way). And the router's range topped that distance.

I did notice, however, that despite the fact that the signal indicator was showing full bars, starting from around 300 feet out it became harder to get connected to the router's wireless network and remained connected, especially when I was moving around. Still, this was by far the most impressive range I've seen.

The router's wireless data rates weren't as impressive as its range, however, with the performance being slightly lower than average among single-band routers I've reviewed. That was by no means bad and it's more than fast enough for sharing Internet access, which seems to be the primary purpose of the R10000G, since it doesn't support the 5GHz band.

That said, at its street price of around $150, this router is definitely on the money. For more information on how it performs and other features, check out the full review of the Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Gigabit Router R10000G .

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