AMBER Alert recruits USB drives

Kit stores child's encrypted data in one place for easy transfer to law enforcement

Gadget Weblog

The AMBER Alert program has come a long way since its freeway-sign origins, making particularly good use of online and other technologies to raise awareness about the perils of child abduction. Its latest brainchild involves one of the most accessible devices in the digital world, the USB drive.

The "AMBER Alart Child ID Kit" is designed to store as much personal data on a child as possible in one place that can be immediately turned over to law enforcement officers in an emergency. Gadgets Weblog says there's no limit to the type of information that can be stored and updated regularly, including "biographical data, vital stats, relatives, places where they hang out, where they go online, etc."

The $30 key is also encrypted, which is crucial to avoid having it fall into the wrong hands because small USB devices like this are notorious for getting lost.


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