Amazon trademark filings reveal something called Firetube

The retailer has applied to register trademarks for the name Firetube in the US and Canada. But just what this new product or service may be is a mystery.

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What is Firetube? So far it's a name that Amazon has filed to trademark. But it may also provide a clue to a possible set-top box from the retail giant.

Tipped off about the recent US and Canadian trademark filings, 9to5Mac's Seth Weintraub speculates that Firetube could be Amazon's much-rumored TV product.

Reports have surfaced in the past that the company would unveil its own set-top device to stream Internet content to TVs. A story published by Bloomberg in April cited anonymous sources who said the product would launch this fall, which would mean sometime in the next few months.

Another notion served up by Weintraub is that Firetube could be Amazon's version of Google's Chromecast. Such a device would let Kindle Fire owners pipe content directly to their TVs. Based on the name, that seems as good a guess as any.

CNET contacted Amazon for comment and will update the story with any further details.

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