Amazon offers up 'Send to Kindle' button to Web site owners

The new button can be added to a site and allow its users to share content on Kindle devices and Amazon's apps.

Amazon's Send to Kindle button.
Amazon's Send to Kindle button. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

Amazon has released a new tool for Web site owners that allows them to get users to share their content on its products.

The new feature, called Send to Kindle, is basically a button that's embedded into content sites. When a user clicks that button, the article or page they're on will automatically be sent to their Kindle device or Kindle apps on iOS and Android.

The Send to Kindle button is the latest in a long line of apps that are designed to share content from one product to a Kindle device or app. Amazon already offers Send to Kindle extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox users. Send to Kindle apps also work on PCs, Macs, and e-mail. The latest update applies only to Web site owners.

In order for Web site owners to integrate the button, they'll need to head over to the company's developers page. WordPress users, however, can simply install a plugin that adds the Send to Kindle feature to their sites.

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