Amazon Kindle price cut by a tenner to £59

Amazon's knocked a tenner off the Kindle, dropping the price of the excellent ebook reader to £59 for a limited time.

Amazon's knocked a tenner off the Kindle, dropping the price of the excellent ebook reader to £59 for a limited time.

Amazon's entry-level Kindle weighs just 170g, sporting a 6-inch electronic ink display that you can read even in bright sunlight, with none of the glare or worry of eye-strain you get from a phone, tablet or any other kind of electronic screen. Although it only does one thing, the Kindle does it extremely well, especially when backed by Amazon's mighty catalogue of ebooks.

Amazon hasn't specified when the deal will end, so if you want to save a tenner -- that's enough for two meal deals at lunch! -- then don't hang about. 

Today's price cut makes the Kindle Paperwhite, which replaces the original model, near-as-darn-it twice the price of the no-frills Kindle -- but your £110 gets you a built-in reading light. There's a more expensive 3G option as well.

Not only did the Paperwhite win a coveted CNET Editors' Choice Award, our intrepid gadget expert Luke Westaway voted the Paperwhite his favourite gadget of 2013.

Amazon recently slashed the price of the Kindle Fire tablet to start at just £94 for an 8GB Kindle Fire HD, although it's back to £120 full price now. The Kindle Fire tablets show off adverts on their screens when you're not using them, although you can get rid of those ads by paying an extra £10 when you buy your tablet.

Meanwhile Amazon is promising a mystery device that will be "bigger than Kindle". What could it be? A drone that delivers parcels before you've even ordered them?

Are you considering a Kindle? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.



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