Amazon adds redundancy and geographical resiliency to EC2

Amazon is taking cloud computing very seriously and the addition of "availability zones" into EC2 will further cement the company as a leader.

Amazon is introducing what is definitely the "must-have" utility for it's EC2 cloud computing offering to become a reality. Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service now has an application programming interface (API) that lets developers choose where its application physically runs.

As Martin LaMonica writes on

This Availability Zones feature is important because people can now add redundancy to their application. Choosing multiple zones, people can have server instances with separate power, cooling, network access, and physical servers

This is an important move by Amazon and I would expect it to be echoed by others. Simply obscuring where your data lives (distributed or not) as Google does, doesn't provide the level of comfort that enterprises need.There must be a built-in mechanism for high-availability and redundancy when you data is floating in the universe.

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