Always room for hamburgers and hot dogs

The Cuisinart GC-15 Griddler Compact Grill Centro features hot dog rollers as well as a grill and griddle combination. Versatile enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the appliance is capable of cooking much more than everyday grill favorites.

Does much more than burgers and dogs.
Does much more than burgers and dogs. Cuisinart

For some, there is always room for dessert. Meanwhile, for the more savory-inclined, hamburgers and hot dogs may be the more eternally available option. The two meat-in-a-bun products may have always gotten along splendidly, but that doesn't mean there has always been enough room for the two.

The Cuisinart GC-15 Griddler Compact Grill Centro is the smaller version of the previously covered Cuisinart GC-17 Grill Centro grilling behemoth. The diminutive device measures 15.7 inches across and is 10 inches deep. With a height of only 5.6 inches, the little indoor-grill-that-could is well suited for any countertop where space is an issue.

Believe it or not, hamburgers and hot dogs are not the only food group. Luckily, before users can spiral into an endlessly rotating hot dog descent, the top portion of the grill hides a secret. Flipping over to reveal a smooth surface, the appliance not only houses rollers and a grill, but a griddle, too. The versatility of this double-decker appliance extends meal possibilities throughout the day.

Pancakes and bacon can be made on the griddle for breakfast and then the meal-maker can be put right back to use for lunch and dinner. The neat rotating function of the rollers even allows food other than hot dogs (like kebabs) to be evenly cooked. Although there will probably be enough room for a hot dog, too.

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