Altec's stylin' Expressionist Plus PC speakers

Altec has announced the new Expressionist Plus, a modernist 2.1 PC speaker system that comes out in June and retails for $99.95.

The Expressionist Plus will be available this month for $99.95. Altec Lansing

Altec Lansing is adding to its line of Expressionist PC speakers with the Expressionist Plus, which goes by the model number FX3021 and carries a list price of $99.95.

The compact, 24-watt, 2.1 system includes a sub with a 5.25-inch driver and two angle-adjustable satellite speakers with 2-inch drivers.

Don Milks, Altec Lansing's Senior Manager of Product Management for PC Audio, says, "The Expressionist Plus subwoofer packs tremendous punch for its tiny size," and he declares this "the best performing $99 PC speaker on the market."

OK, Don. We look forward to giving the Plus a whirl and reviewing the system soon. For more info in the meantime check out Altec Lansing's Web site.

Also, here's what's available now in the Expressionist line:

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