Altec's Orbit MP3 iM237: Tiny iPod speaker is improved, but pricier

CNET has just posted a review of Altec Lansing's travel-friendly portable iPod speaker, the Orbit MP3 iM237.

Altec Lansing

We promised that a full review of Altec Lansing's just-announced Orbit MP3 iM237 was forthcoming--and now it's done. Here's the quick take with a link to the full review below.

The good: The Orbit MP3 iM237 is a compact, attractively designed portable single speaker that runs on three AAA batteries and comes with a protective carrying case; sound is OK for a speaker this small; integrated cable plugs into headphone jack of MP3 players and other devices.

The bad: While it's inexpensive, this model is a bit pricier than the previous Orbit; overall thin sound; distorts at higher volumes.

The bottom line: We like the new and improved version of Altec Lansing's portable single speaker, the Orbit MP3, better than the previous model--but it costs a bit more. Read the full review of Altec Lansing's Orbit MP3 iM237 .

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