Altec Lansing VS4621 does 2.1 PC audio in style

The Altec Lansing VS4621 is a stylish 2.1 speaker system designed for your PC due out in Spring of 2010 with a retail price of $79.

Photo of the Altec Lansing VS4621 speaker system.
The Altec Lansing VS4621 is a stylish 2.1 speaker system designed for your PC. Altec Lansing

LAS VEGAS--As any gamer or music fan knows, your computer's built-in speaker are utter bunk and the more-affordable PC speaker upgrades typically lack in low-end power. To fill the void of booming PC speakers for under a Benjamin, Altec Lansing is gearing up to release its VS4621 2.1 PC speaker system in the Spring, with a down-to-earth retail price of $79.

Like its predecessor, the VS4121, the new system features a pair of stylish and slim stereo speakers that connect to an impressive-looking powered subwoofer. The sub sports a 6.5-inch driver in a ported enclosure, while the stereo speakers use a unique combination of 1-inch tweeters and downward-firing 3-inch midrange drivers.

Controls for volume and EQ are located on the front of the right stereo speaker. A headphone jack and line-input are also included.

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