Altair ProductDesign joins Studio X-Gene on Avant GT concept

Altair ProductDesign partners with Studio X-Gene to develop a new electric concept vehicle, the Avant GT.

The Avant GT was revealed for the first time at Auto Shanghai 2011. Studio X-Gene

Altair ProductDesign announced a partnership with Studio X-Gene to develop a new electric concept vehicle, the Avant GT.

The Avant GT is the brainchild of Taiwan-based Studio X-Gene along with partners Delta Electronics, Wistron, and Qisda.

Altair ProductDesign joined the project to offer engineering development of the vehicle. "Altair was given responsibility for providing a simulation driven design approach for the vehicle's crash, durability, vibration, vehicle dynamics, and computational fluid dynamics drag evaluation along with supporting Studio X-Gene during the architectural design phase," an Altair spokesman said in a press release.

The Avant GT, described as "a pure electric sports grand tourer," will be as lightweight as possible, but will still meet all structural and safety requirements.

"The Avant GT is a unique project for Studio X-Gene and represents the quality of automotive design expertise available in Taiwan today," said Albert Yang, executive director of Studio X-Gene, in a press release. "Partnering with Altair ProductDesign proved invaluable. Combining our design knowledge with Altair's engineering and optimization expertise has allowed us to deliver this exciting, high-performance new vehicle to the Shanghai Auto Show and really make an impact on the automotive community."

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