Allen Iverson gets his own Zune too

It will be packaged with special-edition Reebok shoes.

Zune Insider

Joy Division isn't the only one that's trying to get the timing just right for a special-edition Zune. Allen Iverson's people are apparently hoping to do the same with their own exclusive version of Microsoft's media player now that his Denver Nuggets have barely secured the last spot in the NBA playoffs.

An etching of the superstar will appear on the back of a limited-edition 8GB Zune packaged with a pair of Reebok shoes called the "Answer XI Zune," according to CrunchGear. Weird.

Only 60 of these special bundles will be sold at a yet-unknown price, but that may be plenty if the Nuggets don't make it past the first round. (What is it about Zunes and shoes, anyway?)

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