Alleged spy photos reveal USB-laden Mac Mini

Apple Insider has posted some alleged spy photos of the backside of what might be the next-gen Mac Mini. Connections include a whopping five USB ports. But are the photos fakes?

This may be the back of the new Mac mini. Apple Insider

In the department of who-knows-if-this-is-real-or-not, we bring you some alleged "spy" shots of the back of the next-generation Mac Mini that are making their way around the blog circuit.

Everybody seems impressed that the thing has a whopping five USB ports. There are also connections for Ethernet, FireWire 800, and what appears to be two display ports--one Mini DisplayPort and one older mini DVI Mac display port. Why there's no HDMI connection is beyond us, but then again, this may--or may not--be the real deal, so we won't get too worked up.

Of course, there's no word when the next-gen Mac Mini will appear and how much it will cost. Rumor has it that it will include the new Nvidia 9400 graphics chipset found in the newer MacBook and MacBook Pros. We'll wait and see.

Anybody excited by these shots? Feel free to comment.

Via Gizmodo via Apple Insider.

Update on 2/20/09: There's brewing evidence that the photo is a doctored image. The folks over at have a story up that explains in detail why we're probably not looking at a real next-gen Mac Mini here.

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