Alleged Sprint memo details red Nexus 5 hitting Play Store on February 4

Is a red-hot tinted Nexus 5 hitting the Google Play Store? According to an alleged Sprint memo, it may be coming soon.


Speculation of a crimson-colored Google Nexus 5 have been floating around since last week, thanks to leaked images from a Vietnamese news site of a red variant, and a video that reportedly depicts several new color variations of the device.

Today, Android Central is reporting an alleged internal memo to Sprint employees outlining that a red Nexus 5 will come to the Google Play Store on February 4. The news site also posted a supposed photo of a red Nexus 5 box a few days earlier.

We've reached out to Sprint for an official response and were told that the company does not comment on rumors or speculation.

Currently, the handset comes in two colors (black and white), though Google does sell phone bumpers in gray, yellow, and red. The aforementioned leaked video introduces dark red, orange, yellow, emerald, cobalt, and purple to the mix for possible Nexus 5 colors.

So what do you think of these color options? Are they enough to sway any of you potential Nexus owners out there looking for some more pop in your phones? Let us know in the comments below.

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