All the Doctors from 'Doctor Who' in one face composite

Get ready for the "Doctor Who" 50th anniversary celebration by mooshing all of the doctors into one super-Doctor.

Doctor Who face composite
It's a little of every Doctor all in one. Tate Srey

What if all the Doctors from "Doctor Who" regenerated into one person? The resulting Time Lord would look like the face composite created by artist Tate Srey.

Srey combined all 12 actors who have played the Doctor, including newbie Peter Capaldi, to turn out the composite. For fun, Srey threw in Doc Brown from "Back to the Future," playing on a fan crossover theory that he is the original Doctor.

The addition of Doc didn't sway the resulting image too much, as evidenced by another version that leaves the crazy-haired scientist out.

Somehow, the final composite seems to most resemble Doctor No. 6, Colin Baker. There are also separate composites of the first eight Doctors and the four most recent Doctors, highlighting the modern tendency to cast actors with chiseled cheekbones.

Now, perhaps we could get a composite of all the Doctor's companions, which would probably be extremely weird considering the different looks over the years. The Tardis, however, would look pretty much the same.

Doctor Who actors and composite
These are the actors who played into the composite. Tate Srey
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