All scores, all the time

It's football season, and you need all the sports-related gadgets you can get.


It's almost September, and that can mean but one thing: Football. And here at Crave, we do our level best to help you keep apprised of all your scores, fantasy or otherwise, as we did by alerting you to the "Game Time" sports watch in time for Father's Day.

But if your heartless and inconsiderate family missed that opportunity, there's still hope. Enter the "SportsCase Wireless Football Scoreboard," a $75 (on sale) gadget that provides scores received via satellite with no subscription needed, as well as standings, schedules and statistics.

Sure, it's got a pretty ugly old-school black-and-white display. And yes, it's updated every 15 minutes, not in real time. OK, so it does the same thing you can get on the computer or phone at ESPN or But hey, it's a gadget dedicated to sports--and that's good enough in our book, damn it.

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