All-in-one temperature probe for the grill

The Maverick Redi-Fork Pro Fork combines a utensil with a thermometer probe and adds a flashlight for good measure.

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I've never been a big fan of taking a fork and piercing meat that is on the grill. (I also cringe every time someone takes a spatula and presses down on their burgers.) However, as a steadying device, those large barbecue forks can be quite useful. Just don't go constantly poking your dinner letting all the wonderful juices run out. That being said, sometimes you do need to know what is happening underneath the surface. Namely, when you want to take its temperature.

The Maverick Redi-Fork Pro Fork Thermometer combines a temperature probe with a barbecue fork. The stainless-steel tines take a reading in about four seconds. For use with beef, poultry, pork, or fish, a preset alert beeps when your selected food has reached the desired level of doneness. The relatively large-sized LCD screen delivers results in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, while a built in flashlight completes the feature set.

Grilling requires proper equipment; fortunately, there are only a few must-have's. A thermometer definitely comes in handy by taking the guesswork out of grilling; anybody who has ever accidentally overcooked a steak would probably tend to agree. With a grill full of properly cooked food, all that is left to decide is whether to have the chicken or the beef.

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