All Flickr, all the time

This LCD can get your custom Flickr RSS feeds

The story of our life: Just when we find a gadget we like--nay, need--it's already sold out. Such is the case with the eStarling Wi-Fi photo frame.

The eStarling

The new version of the live LCD device (whose predecessor also sold out last year) can carry custom RSS feeds from Flickr based on your tags. You can also e-mail your phone photos directly to an eStarling frame on the fly.

ThinkGeek is selling the screen for $250, but its soonest restocking date is estimated at December 10. Which means the chances of getting one for the holidays are probably as slim as the LCD itself. Oh well--in the immortal words of the Mets and the Yankees, wait'll next year.

(Photo: ThinkGeek)

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