Airbnb to reviewers: Tell us what you really think

The home-rental service said it made some changes to its reviews system to foster honesty.

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Be honest. That's all Airbnb wants.

The home-rental service said Thursday it tweaked its reviews system in the hopes of encouraging more honest reviews.

The startup cited the potential concern of someone wanting to leave a review that includes both praise and criticism, but worried about receiving an unfairly critical review in response. Looking to avoid that issue, Airbnb now will reveal reviews from both the host and guest simultaneously.

"We want to make it more comfortable for everyone in our community to provide honest, accurate feedback," Airbnb said in a blog post, "and help increase confidence in the reviews they see on listing and profile pages."

The company said it also is cutting down the time to submit a review to 14 days, from 30 days, after it found that 90 percent of reviews are submitted within two weeks. At the end of the 14-day period, if only the host or the guest left a review, that review will be made public.

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