Aio Wireless says groups are the new family

The prepaid arm of AT&T launches Group Save to entice adding friends to family plans.

Aio Wireless

AT&T's prepaid branch Aio Wireless thinks ordinary family plans are old news. The service just announced a "Group Save" plan, which not only serves up discounts for additional phone lines added but lets subscribers fold in coverage for friends as well as immediate family members, too.

Aio says that users who purchase wireless plans at the $40 range and higher now have the option of combining up to five more lines of cellular service under their umbrella. While the first eligible phone line doesn't qualify for a discount, each one after that triggers a reduction.

Get discounts after phone line no. 2. Aio Wireless

For example, Aio will chop $10 off the overall monthly bill with line no. 2. Line 3 activates a $20 discount, and lines 4 and 5 each zap $30, respectively. So conceivably, you could see a $90 subtraction from your monthly total. Of course, signing up for multiple phone lines is an extra expense regardless, so consider any increase in wireless service sagely. Visit Aio's Web site for more plan details.

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