After God of War: PS2 franchises that could get fresh life on the PS3

Now that a God of War compilation is official, what other PS2 games will see the light of day as PS3 re-releases?

Sony, please make this your next PS3 re-release.

Sony's announcement this week of a PS3 edition of the first two PS2 God of War games, called God of War Collection, was exciting--unless you already own both games.

With 720p HD support added in, however, it raises a serious question: will backward-compatibility be a relic of video game days gone by? With the PS3 no longer able to play PS2 games, fans will be ever more reliant on re-releases and virtual console titles to resell them the greatest hits of the last generation.

As long as the old re-releases are lovingly upscaled to HD and given some extra bells and whistles, however, we could be a little more forgiving. There are plenty of other memorable franchises from the PS2 glory years that Sony would be wise to re-release and package with HD-compatible upgrades. Here's our short list. And we'll give you a hint: one of them involves giant rock formations.

Any we left off?

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