Aereo expands cloud-based TV service to NYC metro area

The company says its service now works for more than 19 million people living around the New York metropolitan area.

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People living around New York City now have access to Aereo's cloud-based television service, the company announced today.

Although Aereo was previously only available in New York's five boroughs, the company has expanded (PDF) its offering to people living in the city's metropolitan area. The region, commonly known as the designated market area, includes 29 counties in New York state, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. According to Aereo, that expansion has brought its total market size to 19 million people.

Aereo is a cloud-based television service that allows users to sign up and access shows across a wide array of networks. From a smartphone, tablet, or notebook, users can watch 30 over-the-air broadcast channels, as well as Bloomberg Television. The service also works on Roku boxes . (CBS, publisher of CNET News, is in active litigation with Aereo with respect to the legality of its service.)

Aereo's service, which includes DVR (digital video recorder) functionality that lets users pause and rewind live programming, as well as save it for future viewing, costs $1 per day. The company's monthly fee is $8, and its annual $80.

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