Aerate wine as you pour

Letting a wine breathe can take some time. The Vinturi Wine Aerator gives you the same results as quickly as you can open the bottle and pour a glass.

The Vinturi Wine Aerator
The Vinturi Wine Aerator Williams Sonoma

Aeration--the act of letting a wine breath--allows air to mix with the wine, releasing the full flavor and bouquet of the wine as you drink. However, it's not uncommon to skip this step if you've opened a bottle of wine just before you intend to drink it. The Vinturi Wine Aerator lets you avoid the wait, without giving up the full flavor of the wine. By pouring your wine through the aerator on its way to the glass, you can mix in the necessary air quickly.

The Vinturi Wine Aerator is constructed from acrylic and, as such, can go through the dishwasher between wines. The appearance of the aerator is elegant enough to sit on any bar. It comes with a no-drip stand, where it can sit between pours, as well as a sediment filter (which can easily be emptied between pouring glasses) just in case something has settled in your glass. The Vinturi Wine Aerator is priced at $39.95 and, even if you don't consider yourself much of a wine drinker, it can make a world of difference in your drink. It doesn't hurt that it also makes a great gift for any wine drinker, as well.

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