Adventures in Boot Camp: Part 2

I did it! Vista and Mac OS X are currently living happily on my hard drive. Say hello to a new OS world.

Well, I'm writing this on Firefox on my new 50GB (assigned) Vista box -- the iMac. Yes sir (or ma'am), this beautiful new iMac is running both Windows and Mac OS X quite well.

I was quite impressed by the ease of installation and Vista actually installed quite well too. All in all -- after just twenty minutes of running Vista on my new Mac -- I'm quite impressed with both operating systems and especially Boot Camp.

Look for a pretty serious hands-on with this new iMac on Friday.

Oh and in case you're wondering about how I have it setup -- it's pretty slick. I have a nice new leather LA-Z-Boy that I bought for some nice quiet and comfort while I'm writing. And instead of taking up more room on my desk, my girlfriend thought it would be neat if I bought a rolling desk that I could keep right next to the chair and swing back and forth so I could be nice and comfortable while I do my work. Wow -- was she ever right. I'm currently lounging in my chair and typing this with the help of a nice and cheap ($36.88) desk that I bought from Wal-mart. Believe it or not, it works perfectly. Some pictures to follow.

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