Adobe Type Reunion and Word 98: a work-around

Adobe Type Reunion and Word 98: a work-around

Our Troubleshooting Microsoft Office 98 MacFixIt Report has an item on conflicts with Adobe Type Reunion and certain Word 98 font features. Apparently, Adobe is still working on a solution. Meanwhile, Adobe Tech Support offers the following work-around (thanks, Raul Gutierrez):

Do either or both of the following:

A. To see fonts as expected in Word's Font menu, open and close Word's Print Preview window, then disable Word 98's WYSIWYG Font menu feature:

  1. Choose File > Print Preview.
  2. In the Print Preview window, click Close.
  3. Choose Tools > Preferences > General, then select WYSIWYG Font and Style Menus.

NOTE: You will have to use this method each time you run Word.

B. To see the expected font groupings, use the Font pop-up menu on Word's Formatting toolbar instead of the Font menu in the Mac OS menu bar. To enable the Formatting toolbar, choose View > Toolbar and select Formatting.

To see all the available fonts in Word's Font menu without font groupings, enable Word 98's WYSIWYG Font Menu feature by choosing Tools > Preferences > General, then selecting WYSIWYG Font and Style Menus.

Additional Information You can use Word's WYSIWYG Font menu feature to display fonts' names in their respective typefaces, similar to way that you can use Type Reunion. However, Word 98 and Adobe Type Reunion are not compatible. If you disable the WYSIWYG Font Menu feature when Type Reunion is installed, Word may not display fonts at all in its Font menu.

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